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Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Agenda

Greene County

Planning & Zoning Commission

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 @ 4 PM
Regular Meeting
Greene County Board of Commissioners Meeting Room
1034 Silver Drive, Greensboro, GA 30642


  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Roll Call
    1. Old Business:
    2. Approval of April 30, 2019 P&Z Meeting Minutes.
  4. No meeting held May 28, 2019 – no applications submitted
    1. FINAL PLAT:  Oconee Land Development, applicant, requests consideration for a final plat – Armor’s Ford Section VI: The proposed project site is located on TMP# 055-0-00-004-0 situated on a total of 22.94 acres containing sixteen (16) single-family residential lots. 13.33 acres are in lots, 7.24 acres are common property, and 2.37 acres are in ROW. Zoned PUD (Planned Unit Development). Served by Piedmont Water.
    2. FINAL PLAT:  Pulte Home Corp, applicant, requests consideration for a final plat approval - Del Webb Phase II Unit III Parcel 5: The proposed site is located on TMP# 036-0-00-017-0 with total project area having 11.62 acres platted, 5.03 acres containing 17 lots, 5.570 acres common space and 1.022 acres in RoW.  Project is Zoned PUD.  Served by Piedmont Water for sewage and water systems.
    3. CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS:  Allen Davis Askew, Horace E. Askew, William B. Askew, Donna Moon, Benjamin B. Askew & Joanne Askew (applicants), Daniel A. Jones, authorized agent, requests approval for construction drawings – Sunset Bluff: The proposed project is located on TMP# 036-B-00-031 containing 58 will be individual on-site septic systems.
    4. CONDITIONAL USE:  River Sand, Inc/John Bryant, authorized agent, requests consideration for a conditional use permit for the development of natural resources, including sediment removal:  The proposed site is located on TMP#s 017-0-00-014-0, & # 017-0-00-016-0 currently zoned A1 (Agricultural District-Intensive Farming).  Proposed permit boundary area is 6.85 ac, disturbed area 1.34 ac, undisturbed buffer area being 1.06 ac and undisturbed area 4.45 ac.  Project proposed use to be a low impact, small footprint design to remove and recycle sediment from Lake Oconee.  No dwelling units on site - averaging 2-3 scaled loads per day exported - hours of operation: M-F 7am – 5pm.  Less than four (4) site employees, intermittently.
    5. REZONING REQUEST:  Sorrell Family Holdings, LLC (Drew & Marjorie Sorrell) applicant, requests consideration for rezoning from A1 to B2:  The property is located on TMP# 052-0-00-028-A, 1900 Stagecoach Road and is currently zoned A1 (Agricultural District).  The applicant requests a rezoning from A1 to B2 (Neighborhood Residential) to allow property to correspond with owners adjoining parcel, TMP# 052-0-00-028-B.

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