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Awareness of and Accessibility to the Functions and Services of the Greene County Board of Commissioners

Published Monday, April 10, 2017


The Greene County Board of Commissioners wants to maintain a high level of awareness of the meetings and functions that fall under the Board of Commissioners to make sure citizens are aware of what is happening with appropriate access to services and information.

                While the State’s Open Meetings law only requires that meeting agendas be posted on the front door, the website, and sent to the local paper that serves as the legal organ, the Board of Commissioners consistently and intentionally exceeds these minimum requirements. Meetings are posted on the Commissioner’s Facebook page with links to the actual agendas, and the same agendas are even sent out to an email distribution group of over 100 people that have requested over the years to be emailed updates. Citizens can sign up to be added to that distribution group by emailing info@greenecountyga.gov. The list currently includes media, neighborhood contacts, and citizens that have signed in at Board of Commissioners meetings.

                Upcoming meetings also show up as events on the County Commissioners’ website. The same goes for public hearings, Planning and Zoning meetings, and other events. Information about meetings, including meeting times, agendas, minutes, videos, and public participation can be found by going to www.greenecountyga.gov, clicking the “Government” item at the top of the menu, followed by the “Government Meeting Information” link.

                “The entire Board of Commissioners and staff want to be as open as possible in letting people know about our meetings—when they are, what’s on the agenda, how a citizen can address the Board about an item on the agenda,” said Chairman Gary Usry. “We’ll continue to be as open and accessible as we can in doing the work that the citizens elected us to do.”

                As far as letting the public know what has taken place at meetings, summaries of the action taken are sent to the same email distribution group as mentioned before. The summaries aren’t the minutes of the meeting, but instead offer a simple explanation of what action was taken.

                When someone still has a question, there are many ways that the public can reach out to the individual Commissioners and staff. Many of those ways are right on the County Commissioners’ website. The website has a generic contact form at the bottom of the main page that is checked by Board of Commissioners’ staff. If you want to contact an individual Commissioner, their phone numbers are listed on the website, along with forms that can quickly send individual Commissioners an emailed message.

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