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Animal Control

A skunk found on Highway 15 South near White Plains on April 29, 2019 has tested positive for rabies. This is the first confirmed case of rabies this year in the county. The animal control office would like to remind all pet owners to make sure that all pets are currently vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian.  We also ask that you do not attempt to feed or handle any stray or wild animals. To report any problems that you may be having or if you have any questions please contact our office at 706-454-7039. Thank you.

Do NOT feed any stray or wild animals, as doing so could possibly be dangerous and create even more unwanted problems. We ask that you report all stray animals to Animal Control as soon as possible.

Please have your pet spayed or neutered to help control the pet population. There are several groups that can assist with the cost of these procedures. You can call Animal Control for more information at 706-454-7039.

State law requires that all pets be vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian.

Just a friendly reminder that Greene County does have an Animal Control ordinance. Certainly give us a call if you have any questions about any of the Animal Control Ordinances. You can review them here.

Animal Control does not handle any wildlife complaints. If you are having issues with wildlife, you can contact The Department of Natural Resources at 706-595-4211. We do however recommend that you do NOT attempt to handle or feed any wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm having a problem with wildlife on my property.  What should I do?
Contact the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division at 706-595-4211. While live animal traps can be purchased at local hardware stores, it is NOT recommended that you handle wildlife. Also, feeding wildlife is strongly discouraged.
What should I do if my pet bites someone?  Am I liable?

Generally, you are legally liable for your pet's actions, and you can be held responsible in a criminal case. As such, you could be subject to subsequent litigation and potential damages for your pet's actions.

If your pet does bite someone, including yourself, that person needs to seek medical attention and you need to report it to our office immediately. If the animal is not current on its rabies vaccination, the animal in question would have to be impounded for observation. In some cases, the animal will have to be euthanized and then tested for rabies.

For any rabies-related encounter, please report your experience to the Greene County Animal Control office, not the Health Department. 

Does my pet have to be registered with the County?
No, but all pets have to be vaccinated for rabies by Georgia law.  
What is considered animal cruelty?
See County Ordinance concerning Animal Cruelty.
Where can I review the Animal Control ordinance?
You can read it here. If you have any further questions, you can call us at 706-454-7039.
Can you help me find my pet?
Yes, we can help you find your missing pet. The minute you discover that your pet is missing, contact our office at 706-454-7039. We will need as much detailed information about your pet as possible so that we can enter it into our system. All animals that are impounded are cross checked with our lost/missing animal reports.
Can I bring my pet in for adoption?
Yes, you can bring in your pet for adoption.  You must sign an owner surrender form and pay a small surrender fee.
Do you dispose of dead pets?
No, our office does not dispose of dead pets. Some veterinarians will dispose of animals. We recommend that you contact your local veterinarian for help.
How do I file a complaint about my neighbor's pet?
To file any animal-related complaints, you can contact our office at 706-454-7039.
What do I do if I suspect an animal has rabies?
If you have any questions, or need to report any animal related issues, please contact our office at 706-454-7039.   Animal control wants to remind all pet owners to make sure that all pets are currently vaccinated for rabies, we also ask that you do not feed or attempt to handle any stray or wild animals.

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