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Bids & RFP's

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (updated with pictures below) (Addendum and Clarifications below)

Issuing Agency: Greene County Board of Commissioners

Issue Date: July 12, 2017

Proposal Number SP-17-001

Proposal Closing Date August 11, 2017

Proposal Closing Time 3:00 PM (Local Time)

Commodity: Construction of a 6,150 sq. ft. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Facility comprised of living quarters and an emergency vehicle bay within the existing County Public Services Campus building located at 1180 C. Weldon Smith Drive, Greensboro Georgia, 30642.

To download the specifications, proposed building layout, and pictures, click the following links:

Item 1 - Details and Specifications
Item 2 - Proposed Building Layout                                   

***Pictures of area can be found here:

Bay from Outside

Bay looking toward warehouse

Bay footprint

Sewer cleanout

Station footprint 1

Station footprint 2

Station footprint looking toward bay


Addendum and Clarifications

Issued July 26th, 2017

1) Outside HVAC unit to be mounted on rooftop above area designated as "Vehicle Storage" A written warranty must be provided addressing responsibility for any roof leaks attributed to this rooftop installation.

2) Interior HVAC unit to be mounted above hallway in living quarters to minimize noise/vibrations  in offices and bedrooms.

3) Access stairs to HVAC to be relocated from kitchen to outside of left wall of Directors Office. Stairs to be replaced with an access ladder.

4) Only decking above Living Quarters will be to provide access to HVAC unit and Hot Water Tank.

5) 50 Gallon Hot Water Tank to be located above Bathrooms.  

6) Wall between Dayroom and New Hall needs to be reclassified from NOT FIRE RATED WALL to FIRE RATED WALL

7) Width of Hallway in front of  bathrooms/Utility Room to be reduced from 9 feet to 6 feet.

8) An inner wall at rear of bathrooms/Utility Room to be added forming an approx. 2 foot wide " chase" to contain all plumbing, thereby eliminating need for multiple penetrations in fire rated wall. Bathrooms/Utility Room remain same size only shifted to allow for chase..

9) Bathroom closest to Office 1 to have an ADA approved shower. Both bathrooms to have 3.0 doors and wall mounted commodes .

10) Existing Generator located on West end of building will require a 200 amp panel to service HVAC, Lighting and Receptacles. Devices with heating elements ( Stove, Hot Water Heater, Furnace Heat strips)  to be connected to existing panel located on wall to left of 10 ft rollup door in area where Living Quarters will be built... . 

Direct any inquiries to Art Jackson, Project Manager.at ajackson@greenecountyga.gov

Original RFP                                       

The Greene County Board of Commissioners (BOC) is requesting proposals from qualified, Georgia-licensed Commercial General Contractors to furnish plant, labor, tools, materials, equipment, and all items and services of every nature, whether particularly mentioned or not, that are required to complete that specific Trade on this project:

Electrical, Plumbing, Concrete, Interior walls/ceilings, Fixtures, Carpentry, Mechanicals and Painting. 

Proposal documents and specifications are available for inspection and download at the links above or at the Greene County Project Manager’s Office 1034 Silver Drive, Greensboro, GA 30642. Phone 706-453-7716. Fax 706-453-9555.          

Proposals and required signed E-verify affidavits will be formally accepted and acknowledged by the County Clerk on the 2nd floor of the County Government Campus Building, 1034 Silver Drive, Greensboro GA. 30642 no later than 3:00 PM (Local time) August 11th, 2017.

Late proposals will not be considered nor returned.

Proposals may not be withdrawn for sixty (60) days after the time and date set for closing, except as allowed by Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA). Greene County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any technicalities.


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August 29, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
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