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Code Enforcement


The Greene County Code Enforcement Officers are charged with ensuring that the living and working environment within Greene County unincorporated is healthy and safe, free from unsightly debris and potentially harmful structures. The Code Officers enforce a wide variety of local ordinances including property maintenance, zoning, signage, parking, sanitation, and short-term vacation rentals.  Some of the more common violations are open and structurally unsound vacant structures, overgrown lots, debris, derelict and abandoned vehicles, and unsafe and/or unsecured residential dwellings.

Our office administers a fair and unbiased enforcement program that strives for voluntary compliance.  Educating the public on the ordinances and how they can come into compliance are key factors within our division.

Once Code Enforcement has been notified of a complaint, the department conducts an on-site inspection of the property. If a code violation has been identified and confirmed upon inspection of the property, a letter requesting remediation is sent to the owner of the property, notifying them that they have to correct the problem.  Failure to comply will result in citations and court penalties which include up to a $1,000 fine per violation per day and/or up to 60 days in jail.

How to File a Complaint

The Greene County Code Enforcement Department accepts complaints via phone or online.  A physical address, map and parcel number, and/or a lot number and street name must be provided in order to file a complaint.  The Department only takes complaints for addresses in Unincorporated Greene County.

  • Complainants may request to remain anonymous when making the initial complaint.  You must state that you wish to remain anonymous on the complaint report, phone call, email, or voicemail.
  • Keep in mind that if you wish to remain anonymous without the complainant’s testimony in court it may not be possible to successfully prosecute violations in court.

To file a complaint, concerned citizens and property owners can reach Code Enforcement by phone, email or in person.

  • Call (706) 453-3333
  • Email Code Enforcement
  • In person at 1034 Silver Dr., Ste 103, Greensboro, GA 30642

Enforced Ordinances

The Greene County Code Enforcement Department enforces the following ordinances:

Litter Control and Solid Waste Ordinance

Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Dumping, or the discarding, of a large mass of debris, material, garbage, etc. on a property or roadside
  • Junk cars, appliances, equipment, furniture, etc. placed outside a dwelling and/or on the right-of-way
  • Operation of illegal landfills
  • Property maintenance outside a home/business such as uncut grass, trash etc.
  • Trash receptacles left on the right-of-way – trash not secured within the receptacle
  • Unwelcome circulation of pamphlets left on car windows
Zoning Ordinance

Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Accessory structure location
  • Parking or storage of motorized vehicles or boats in the front yard
  • Parking areas used for the repair, servicing of vehicles
  • Presence of in-operative vehicles, equipment, appliances, machinery, or exterior accumulation of personal property, appliances or indoor furniture
  • Business operations – Failure to comply with home occupation zoning guidelines or operating a business in an improper zoning district
  • Encroachment into buffers
  • Failure to comply with zoning conditions
  • Fencing regulations – height restrictions and material regulations
  • Illegal operation of day care facilities and centers
  • Illegal operation of group homes
  • Improper parking of commercial and recreational vehicles
  • Signs – Improper erection of ground signs, weekend directionals, wall signs, window signs, temporary signs, etc.
Occupational Tax/Business License Ordinance

Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Operating a business without a license including failure to renew occupational tax/business license
  • Outdoor storage, customers/employees at the home, and commercial vehicles parked at home-based business
Alcohol Beverage Ordinance

 Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Improper sales, serving, or packaging of alcoholic beverages
  • Failure to renew alcohol beverage license
Development Regulations

Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Encroachment in to easement/buffers
  • Failure to comply with approved plans
  • Silt entering state waters
  • Silt leaving the site
  • Work being performed without a permit
Property Maintenance Code

 Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Abandoned swimming pools
  • Homes and structures that are in disrepair, dilapidated, or burned
  • Decayed/damaged leaking roofs
  • Holes in flooring (both inside and out)
  • Broken window glass; flaking/peeling paint
  • Units not supplied with water or adequate heat
  • Rodent infestation or unsanitary conditions
  • Overgrown, littered vacant lots
  • Junk/inoperative vehicles
  • Electrical hazards
  • Open and vacant structures
  • Dilapidated buildings
  • Other deficiencies which render properties substandard, or unsafe to its occupants or the general public

Ordinances that Govern Property Maintenance in Greene County

  • Greene County Code of Ordinances,
  • 2012 International Property Maintenance Code
  • 2012 International Existing Building Code, which was adopted by the Greene County Board of Commissioners as supplemental codes to the County.


David Johnson, Code Enforcement Officer

Chuck Wooley, Chief Code Enforcement Officer

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