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Meeting and Public Hearing Information

Regular Meeting Times
  • Board of Commissioners: 2nd Tuesdays at 5 p.m.
  • Planning & Zoning Board: Last Tuesdays at 4 p.m.
  • Tax Assessors Board: 4th Wednesdays at 5:15 p.m.
Meeting Agendas

 Board of Commissioners Meeting Agendas

 Board of Tax Assessors Meeting Agenda

 Planning and Zoning Board Meeting Agenda

Upcoming Public Hearings

Notice is hereby given that the Planning Commission of Greene County Georgia will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 beginning at 4:00 p.m. in the Main Floor County Commissioners Meeting Room, County Administration Building located at 1034 Silver Drive, Greensboro, GA 30642 to consider the request of:

  • CONDITIONAL USE: Solamerica Energy (Lessee), applicant, requests a conditional use permit for a ground-mounted solar farm.  The proposed project site is on TMP# 103-0-00-0-430 having a total acreage of 172.3, belonging to property owner-lessor, Carroll Durham.  Proposed conditional use for a ground-mounted solar farm installation on +/- 35 acres of the parcel.  

Additional information and a copy of said tax maps are on file and available for inspection in the Office of Planning and Zoning, 1034 Silver Drive, Suite 103, Greensboro GA. The Planning and Zoning Commission will make a recommendation regarding said request to the Greene County Board of Commissioners and the said Board of Commissioners will act upon said request at their next scheduled regular meeting. All interested persons are invited to attend both meetings.

Chuck Wooley, Zoning Administrator


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Rules of Order

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 Speaking on Agenda Items
  1. All citizens desiring to address the Board of Commissioners concerning a published agenda item must sign up with the County Clerk before the Session begins.  Input will be received during the Work Session and Voting Session and must be regarding the agenda item under consideration at the time.  Any individual speaking during the Voting Session that provided input during the preceding Work Session may only provide new input such that a repetition of their previous input is not made.
  2. All citizens addressing the Board shall come to the front and state his/her name when recognized by the Chairman.
  3. Statements and comments will be addressed to the Board. Questions from the Board members shall be directed to the Chair­man who shall recognize the person for a response.
  4. A statement shall be limited to five minutes.  No portion of a person’s time may be given to another speaker.
  5. When a person finishes their statement, the person shall sit down.
  6. A person shall not speak more than once on the same matter unless that person is directly involved in the matter before the Board.
  7. A group or association shall designate a spokesman.
  8. The Board may fully address questions and/or comments received from citizens as they deem necessary and after being recognized by the Chairman.
  9. Any person addressing the Board shall not be engaged in a debate of any kind.
  10. When the Chairman has called for the vote, no further discussion from the audience will be permitted.
  11. The Chairman of the Board can terminate discussion of any item or statement at any time it is deemed irrelevant or repetitious.
General Policy for Appointment to Boards and Authorities

General Statement:
This Policy is established by the Greene County Board of Commissioners to provide guidelines for use by the Board in the appointment process to all of the various boards and authorities where appointments are made by the Board of Commissioners.

As a general statement and underlying principle, people invited to serve the County by becoming members of its important non-elected boards and authorities should:

  • Be people of competence, good will and sound, objective judgment;
  • Be drawn from new and long-time residents alike;
  • Be truly interested in the welfare of Greene County and all its residents;
  • Be sensitive to the long-term as well as immediate impact of their decisions and recommendations;
  • Be willing and able to devote the time and energy necessary to fulfill their responsibilities;
  • Have some relevant background, involvement, education, and/or interest in the role of the respective board or authority.

It is the intention of the Board of Commissioners to appoint Greene County citizens to represent Greene County on all boards and authorities. Any individual appointed to a board or authority is expected to maintain residency in Greene County. The Board of Commissioners must approve any exception made for an individual who does not reside in Greene County at the time of the appointment or thereafter. Should their residency change at any time a letter of notification shall immediately be sent to the County Manager by the appointed person and the Board will determine if a resignation shall be requested.

Although recognizing and appreciating that members of the various boards and authorities are generally citizen volunteers, the Board of Commissioners deems it essential that members of all county boards and authorities attend meetings regularly for the prompt and efficient transaction of public business. It is the Board of Commissioners’ Policy to require attendance at 75% of regularly scheduled board and authority meetings during a calendar year, and that no appointee miss more than three consecutive meetings.  The Chairman and/or responsible party of any board or authority shall notify the County Manager of any attendance deficiency, who shall in turn bring the matter to the Board of Commissioners for consideration.  Additionally, should any member of the Board of Commissioners, through staff or otherwise, become aware of attendance deficiency by a Board-appointed individual, then such matter shall be brought to the Board of Commissioners for consideration.

No person shall serve on more than two appointed boards and/or authorities at one time as appointees of the Board of Commissioners.  No person shall be appointed (including reappointments) to any board or authority if such person owes delinquent taxes or fees that are past-due to Greene County.

Modification of Requirements:
Because of the need for flexibility, the Board of Commissioners may by, a simple majority vote, decide to waive, vary, or otherwise modify the requirements of this policy on a case-by-case basis.  Unless otherwise specified in Law or County Code, the Board of Commissioners may in its discretion at any time remove any members of any boards or authorities. 

Required Questionnaire:
The Board will only consider candidates for appointment who have completely, properly, and accurately completed a Candidate Questionnaire. Current appointed members being considered for reappointment shall not be required to complete the Candidate Questionnaire.

Effective Date and Application:
This Policy shall become effective upon adoption, and shall supersede and prevail over any other County Policy.  In addition, this Policy shall supplement Ordinance provisions and Georgia Law in cases where such application does not constitute a conflict.  The Board shall consider this Policy when making appointments and reappointments.

Non-inclusive list of Boards and Authorities:

  • Airport Authority
  • Development Authority
  • Lake Oconee Area Development Authority
  • Northeast Georgia Regional Solid Waste Authority
  • Planning and Zoning Board
  • Tax Assessors Board
  • Board of Elections and Registration
  • Northeast Georgia Regional Commission
  • Recreation Board
  • Library Board
  • Board of Health
  • Family Connection Commission
  • Tourism Committee
  • Department of Family and Children Services Board
  • ACTION, Inc. Board
  • Community Services Board (Advantage Behavioral Health Systems)
  • Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities Regional Planning Board
American with Disabilities Information
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Upcoming Events

Planning and Zoning Board Meeting

July 30, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 12:00 am
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Budget Public Hearing

August 8, 2019 @ 9:00 am