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Public Works & Road Department

Office Info

Phone: 706-453-3342

Fax: 706-454-0881

Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Address: 1700 West Broad St., Greensboro, GA 3064

The Public Works Department is responsible for many county activities, such as:

  • Road maintenance
  • Building maintenance
  • Animal Control
  • Housekeeping

The Road Department is the largest Public Works department. Road Department employees repair potholes, maintain dirt roads, mow the grass on the road right-of-ways, solve drainage issues and make sure the public has safe roads to travel on through a variety of maintenance initiatives. The Road Department also erects signs and removes foreign objects, such as trees and other obstructions from the roads.

The Building Maintenance Department is in charge of the maintenance and repair of County properties and equipment. They supervise many improvement projects, such as exterior painting and roof repair. They also keep the HVAC systems working properly and monitor the fire suppression systems.

The Animal Control Department is the newest member of the Public Works team. The Animal Control Officer is in charge of all issues concerning domesticated non-farm animals in the county. This department picks up stray animals, helps with issues concerning mistreatment of animals, and deals with potentially rabid animals. More information about Animal Control and its services can be found by clicking here.

The Housekeeping Department cleans all of the Greene County buildings daily, removing trash, buffing floors, and making sure offices and bathrooms are cleaned regularly.

Bidding on Surplus Items (GovDeals)

Greene County is using an online site in order to dispose of our surplus vehicles and equipment called www.GovDeals.com.In order to find Greene County among all of the items that are offered at this site you will need to follow some simple instructions.

When you get to the GovDeals site by clicking on the included link you will see another link titled "advanced search". Click that link and when the page appears you will see a drop down menu titled "seller name". Select the arrow and scroll down until you find "Greene County GA". Select it and when the page refreshes select the "search" button at the bottom of the page and you will be taken directly to the items we have for sale.

My driveway pipe is blocked or damaged. What do I do?

It is the Policy of the County to only address blockages of drainage pipes on County right-of-ways when such blockage, in the determination of the County, is causing a problem to the County road system. Examples of such problems may include instances where the blockage is causing water to run across the County road, or the standing water is believed to potentially undermine the stability of the roadbed. It is customarily the case that driveways serving private property are the responsibility of the respective property owners to maintain, which would include instances where the driveway pipe is blocked and/or needs to be replaced. The County will, however, address any damage done to a driveway pipe if such damaged occurred as a result of County performed maintenance.

When are dirt roads scraped? How often?

The road scraping crew runs a route around the county. There are some roads that are scraped more often than others due to traffic. It generally takes about 8 weeks for us to make one trip around the county. Some roads will be scraped every trip, some will be scraped every other trip. There are a few roads that are only scraped once or twice a year. If you feel that the dirt road you live on needs additional work or just seems to be in particularly bad condition, don't hesitate to call us at 706-453-3342.

When will the grass along the road be cut?

We start cutting grass on paved roads in the Spring, and we strive to cut all paved roads at least three times per year (or more, if weather permits). 

We do not cut the grass on dirt roads as a matter of routine maintenance. We have a brush cutter for dirt roads that is used when needed. Generally, this cutting is done in the late fall or during the winter months.

How do I get a new or replacement curbside cart for waste collection?

You may set up curbside service by contacting the Board of Commissioners office at 706-453-7716. If your curbside cart is missing or broken, please call 706-453-7716. Only one container is allowed per home. If you desire additional waste collection services, you will have to contract that with the waste vendor of your choice.

The county does not provide commercial waste pickup. Business owners and other commercial interests are free to contract with the service provider of their choice.

What is used to determine when dirt roads are paved?

Decisions as to which dirt roads to pave are made by the Board of Commissioners based on need. Paving dirt roads is both very expensive and requires a large amount of human and equipment resources. While we have made considerable progress over the years, the fact remains that we still have over 145 miles of dirt road. The best thing to do is contact your commissioner or the Public Works Director and make your views known.


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