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Georgia Quick Start

Georgia Quick Start Employee Training

The No. 1 workforce training program in the country, Georgia Quick Start, develops and delivers fully customized, strategic workforce solutions for qualified companies investing in Georgia. Quick Start helps companies assess, select and train the right people at the right time for success. Services are provided free of charge as a discretionary incentive for job creation for clients opening or expanding hiring, training and education manufacturing operations, distribution centers, headquarters operations and customer contact centers in a broad range of industries.

Services include:
• Strategic workforce consultation – Quick Start’s training professionals work with company subject-matter experts to guarantee training meets business goals.
• Pre-employment assessment – Helps companies assess candidates according to their own defined criteria and preview their skills.
• Customized post-employment and job-specific training – From fundamental knowledge to supervised on-the-job training on a company’s own technology and processes, Quick Start prepares employees for maximum effectiveness
and efficiency.
• Leadership and productivity enhancement training – Businesses maintain competitiveness and emphasize continuous improvement for all team members with Quick Start’s guidance.


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