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Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Agenda

Planning & Zoning Board: Last Tuesdays at 4 p.m. For a list of the Planning and Zoning Commission members, click here.

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Current Permit Fee Schedule

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Permit Applications 

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      ???  Is a Greene County Building Permit Required for a FREE-STANDING Building?  (The attached information does NOT apply to additions or renovations. 

      ??? What Type of Erosion Control Plans are Needed?

      ???  What Inspections are Needed and When?

      ???  What is the Schedule of Fees?

Review the Inspection Procedures.




Residential Building Permit Application

Commercial Building Permit Application

Address Application

Commercial Affidavit 

Demolition Permit

Dock & Seawall Permit Application

     * Dock Construction Standards - Dock Plan and Pier Layout (Print size is 24"x36")

Driveway Permit Application

Electric Permit Application (if not new construction)

Energy Permit Application

Energy Code Compliance Certificate

Fire-pit / Outdoor Fireplace / Grill Permit Application

Gas Permit Application

Homeowner Affidavit

HVAC Permit Application (if not new construction)

Land Disturbance Permit

Low Voltage Permit Application (if not new construction)

Manufactured Home Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application (if not new construction)

Public Right of Way Utilities Permit

Sign Permit - Visit Sign Permit Application Page for more information

Sign Permit for Special Events NOT in the Lake Corridor Sign Overlay (LCSO) District

Sign Permit for Special Events in the Lake Corridor Sign Overlay (LCSO) District

Subcontractor Affidavit

Swimming Pool Permit Application

Tent or Membrane Structure Permit Application

Temporary Power Pole for New Construction

Inspections for the Removal of Curbside Fees

Requirements/guidelines for having the Curbside Fees removed from your annual tax bill. 

Logging (Timber Harvesting) Form

 Click here for the Custom Timber Harvesting Form

Mobile Home Permit Procedures

Manufactured Home Permit Procedures

The manufactured home MUST NOT be put on the lot until the manufactured home permit is approved. A double fee will be assessed  if this occurs. Putting the home on the property DOES NOT assure you of a permit.

Pre-owned manufacture Home(s) MUST BE INSPECTED by the building inspector/code enforcement officer before entering the county. This service includes a fee for the inspection ($50.00) plus a fee for mileage to be paid in advance.

Minimum square footage of mobile manufactured home must be 1000 Sq. ft. unless placed in a mobile home park.

Please check zoning for the property to make sure a mobile/manufactured home is allowed. Only one home is allowed on each plat of property.   A permission letter must be submitted from the city of jurisdiction.

The applicant must provide the following: 

  1. If you are going to have a new septic system or have an existing system, you must first contact the Health Department. There is a fee for this service. This could take up to twenty working days to complete. You cannot get a permit from us until we have a copy of your permit from them or a copy of the approval for the existing system. Call 706-453-7561. A final inspection is required from the Health Department before electricity can be approved for the home.
  2. A copy of the plat of the property, indicating the setbacks and any existing structure(s). You may get this information at the Clerk of Superior Court Office (706-453-3340). The fee is for the copy only. You will also need a Tax ID Number. This information is available at the Tax Assessor’s office (706-453-3355) or the GIS office (706-453-0881).
  3. PT-41 Form from mobile/manufactured home dealer. If you are buying a used home (other than a dealership) a bill of sale with the size, serial number, year, make, model along with the purchase price and a copy of the paid tax bill for the previous year. If this is not available, you must have the previous owner’s name and address and which county the home is being moved from.
  4. You must register the home with the Tax Commissioner’s Office. You will need the information from #3 along with the permit application from the Building Department. The Tax Commissioner’s Office will issue a decal. We must have a copy of the decal before we can issue a permit.
  5. A signed application with fee. The fee is determined by square footage of mobile/manufactured home multiply by .20 (20 cents/sqft) The application will be reviewed by the Building Department
  6. If you do not have an established driveway refer to driveway inspection details below.
  7. An electrical permit will also need to be purchased prior to an inspection for permanent power from the building department. Electrical permit application must be accompanied by a copy of the state license and county business license with a picture ID of the applicant. Permit must be purchased before starting work
  8. You will be given a Green Card with the mobile home permit number. This card must be posted at the driveway entrance so it can be seen from the road. The inspector will sign the card after each inspection. No inspections will be done without the card being posted.

 **Pre-owned manufactured homes:

Prospective owner must comply with standards for installation of pre-owned manufactured home ordinance.


1st Inspection: Footing- after the lot has been cleared, graded and before the footings are ready to be poured. The lot must be graded so no water will run under the house before electric power can be turned on.

2nd Inspection: Septic hook up and tie downs- after the home has been tied down, the septic tank  must be hooked up before the underpinning is installed. Spacing and location of piers and pads shall be per manufacturer’s specifications. All other foundations and tie-down requirements shall meet the Georgia State specification for manufactured housing according to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

3rd Inspection: Skirting, landings, electrical and water- When the home is complete and ready for electrical service. The skirting must be installed. A minimum 3’ x 3’ landing with steps at each door is required. If over 30” above ground grade, rails are also required. Water must be connected to mobile/manufacture home. skirting must be solid, e.g., vinyl, brick, block, no lattice. Final inspection from Health Department for sewage system must be done and on file in our office. We will notify Rayle or GA power. A CO will be issued at this time.

Driveway Inspection: If the lot is located on a county road, before construction of the driveway- Please contact the Road Department at 706-453-3342. If the property is located on a State Highway, you must contact the GA State DOT office at 706-343-5836. Driveway permit is required.

Address- If you need an address assigned, please advise when applying for a mobile/manufactured home permit.

Do not move the mobile/manufactured home into the county without first getting your permit to avoid any penalties.

Electrical Permit- This must be permitted from the building department. Power will not be granted until all code requirements have been met and a notice of service sent to the power company by the building department.


___Septic System Permit                                                             
___Electric Permit (Set up account at Power Company)
___Plat of property                                                                        
___Driveway Permit (If county road)
___PT-41 or Bill of Sale                                                                  
___ Mobile Home Permit Application                                      
___Letter of permission from City of jurisdiction



Zoning Ordinance & Zoning Map

Click here for the Zoning Ordinance. Click here for the Zoning Map.

Subdivision Regulations

Click here for the Subdivision Regulations.


Permit must be purchased BEFORE starting work.

Before a building permit can be issued, the following must be presented to the building, planning, and zoning office:

  1. If applicable, a copy of the on-site sewage treatment permit authorized by the county Health Department. A final inspection report from Health Dept will need to be on file before CO is issued.
    706-453-7561 or 706-453-0965  
  2. A completed Application with ALL pertinent information signed by the Licensed Contractor.
  3. Two copies of the drawings and specifications, drawn to scale. One copy will be returned to the applicant stamped and must remain on job site at all times. The second copy will remain the property of Greene County.  

    One and Two Family Dwelling(s) Fees: Square footage multiplied by $0.29

    Other Permit Fees….See Fee Schedule  

  4. A copy of the plat showing the location of any existing structures and the location of any proposed structure being permitted.
  5. Any proposed construction occurring within 200’ of state water or on a site larger than 1.0 acres must furnish an erosion control plan. Greene County utilizes the review sheets provided by the state from the manual for erosion and sedimentation control in Georgia, for review of the erosion control plan. (Erosion control plan shall bear the seal of a registered professional.) 


Can I send my new plat to the Greene County Building and Zoning office by email for review?

No.  All plats to be reviewed and signed off on by the Building Official must be submitted to the Greene County Building and Zoning Department to scale and in a hard copy format.


When submitting plans for review.  How many sets are required?

  • Residential Plan Reviews:
    • Construction Drawings – One (1) Set
    • Land Disturbance Documents – One (1) Set
  • Commercial Plan Reviews
    • Construction Drawings – Two (2) Sets
    • Land Disturbance Documents – Two (2) Sets

Applications for construction in the following categories must be accompanied with drawing showing the seal of a registered professional engineer or architect licensed in the state of Georgia.

  • All Group A, E, and I occupancies. (Assembly, Educational, Institutional)
  • Building and structures three stories or more high.
  • Building and structure 5,000 Sq. Ft. or more in area


Does Greene County do all of its plan reviews in house?

Greene County has a Memorandum of Agreement with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.  Land disturbance and residential construction plan reviews are performed in house by Greene County.  Commercial plan reviews that do not require Georgia State Fire Marshalls Office approval are conducted in house.

Erosion Control

It is the permit holder’s or his agent’s responsibility to insure that installation of the approved erosion plan is implemented and maintained at all times. (See message inside of permit card.)

Visit our Erosion Control Page for more details. 


A street address will be assigned to your lot by the 911 Center staff. To fill out that application, click here. The number must be posted before either any inspections will be done or permits issued.


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