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Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rental Business License

In order to operate as a Short-Term Rental (any rental less than 31 days) in Greene County, the residence must be in a Short-Term Rental Overlay District, unless qualified under Section of the Greene County Ordinances, and have a current Greene County Short-Term Rental Business License .   

Short-Term Rental businesses are required to remit hotel/motel taxes.  Hotel/motel taxes are due to Greene County by the 20th of the month following the rental.  

Helpful Links

Greene County Short-Term Rental Ordinance (STRO)

Short-Term Rental License Application

Short-Term Rental RENEWAL Application

Hotel/Motel Tax Ordinance

Hotel/Motel Tax Remittance Form (Excel version)

Hotel/Motel Tax Remittance Form (PDF version)

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is a Short-Term Rental Business License NOT required?

1.  When renting for 31 days or more.  

2.  April 1 through April 15 as outlined in the Greene County Ordinance  Even though a business license is not required to rent out your property during these dates, you are still required to remit Hotel/Motel Taxes by May 20 of that same year.

What Happens If I Violate This Ordinance and Operate Without A License?
Per of the Greene County Ordinances, a short term rental that is determined to be operating without the necessary business license required under this section shall subject the owner to a penalty of $1,000. Each day the unit is marketed or rented for overnight accommodation shall constitute a separate violation. 
How Can I Determine If My Residence Is In A Short-Term Overlay District?

The Short-Term Rental Overlay Districts can be viewed in qpublic.  See the directions below for viewing the STRO districts on the map in qpublic.

  1. Once you have navigated to the website, search the address in question. (Images 1 and 2).
  2. Click on "Map" to navigate to the map view. (Image 3
  3. Once in the map view, on the left side of the screen, select "Short Term Rental Districts".  Verify there is a check mark in the box to the left of the selection.  The Overlay Districts will then be highlighted in yellow. Zoom out for a better view of the area. (Image 4)

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4


How Can I Rezone My Property For Short-Term Rental?

Per Greene County Ordinances: In addition to the process for a zoning map amendment, as provided by Article XIII, Sections and 13.3 of this Chapter, an application for the establishment of a STRO district submitted by an individual(s) shall include a list of each and every owner of real property, as reflected on the County's property tax records, or in the case of property that has been transferred since the last property tax return, the owner as reflected on a deed provided by the applicant evidencing such transfer from the owner as reflected on the County's property tax records, in the residential community indicating their support for the STRO District. Such list shall include contact information for each owner to include phone number, email address, street address of the lot in the residential community, mailing address, and signature indicating support of the application. The list of property owners submitted pursuant to the application requirements shall reflect the support of owners of at least 60% of the legal parcels in the residential community. Notwithstanding the indication of support by other property owners, or lack thereof, the final decision with respect to the imposition of a Short Term Rental Overlay District shall be made by the Board of Commissioners in compliance with the procedures and standards set forth in Article XIII of this Chapter. A developer of a residential community may apply for a STRO District for areas designated within the residential community provided that the developer is actively developing the residential community, and continues to own developable property in, or adjoining the residential community. Such an application shall clearly designate the area to which the STRO shall apply. If granted, a STRO District shall be approved for a period of five years after final approval by the County and may be terminated or renewed after a public hearing following the same procedure required for the initial designation.

Why did I Receive a Tangible Personal Property Tax Assessment Notice?

This is an ad valorem personal property tax.  Anyone who has a proprietorship, partnership, corporation, is a self-employed agent or contractor, and anyone who leases, lends or rents property are required to complete a PT50P return during the filing period of January 1 through April 1.  There are NO filing extension available.

Any questions regarding Tangible Personal Property Tax should be directed to the Tax Assessor's Office at 706-453-3355.


For any other questions, please call 706-453-7716 or email shorttermrental@greenecountyga.gov

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