County Manager

The County Manager is the chief executive officer for the county. The manager’s responsibilities include oversight of the day-to-day activities of county employees who are not employees of a constitutional officer. Other responsibilities include fiduciary responsibilities, public relations, policy implementation, and coordination of county activities. The County Manager is appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Greene County utilizes a Commission-Manager form of county government. Under this structure, the commissioners fill the primary policy-making role and oversee the executive functions of the county, but assigns the day-to-day duties of the executive role to an expert manager whom the board selects based on administrative qualifications and experience. The County Manager is granted substantial executive authority commensurate with primary (though not ultimate) executive responsibility.


The manager is responsible for effectively coordinating the various county departments and agencies. Typical duties include:

  • Administering county laws, ordinances, and resolutions
  • Appointing and removing county employees
  • Examining the accounts and records of county departments
  • Exercising control over county departments and agencies
  • Informing the governing authority about the financial conditions and needs of the county and maintaining accurate records reflecting its financial affairs
  • Performing all other duties delegated by the governing authority
  • Preparing an annual budget
  • Regulating purchases of county supplies and materials
  • Supervising the conduct of county employees
  • Supervising the performance of contracts

County Manager’s Office

The County Manager’s Office is located in the County Administrative Building at 1034 Silver Drive, Suite 201 in Greensboro. The County Manager appropriately attends statewide meetings to represent Greene County, works closely with the Georgia Department of Transportation and other State agencies on projects important to Greene County, utilizes and assists partner organizations such as the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission and Association of County Commissioners of Georgia including serving on various boards and committees of these organizations, and is often directly involved in ongoing projects taking place for the benefit of our citizens.

Hours & Involvement

The County Manager’s regular working hours are from 8 am until 5 pm, Monday through Friday excluding observed holidays. The County Manager desires to be accessible to the public and encourages any interested citizen make contact by email, phone, or at the office to receive their input, discuss their concerns, provide information, and/or share perspective.

As the County Manager’s duties require the County Manager to be engaged in a hosts of projects, meetings, and other matters both within the office environment and out in the field, anyone interested in meeting with the County Manager is encouraged to schedule an appointment, though every attempt is made to accommodate anyone stopping in the office, if at all possible, feeling strongly that the citizens’ time and concerns are important.