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Records Maintained by the Board of Commissioners

The Greene County Board of Commissioners maintains records for the following offices:
  • Animal Control
  • Board of Commissioners
  • Building and Zoning
  • County Commissioners
  • E-911/Communications
  • Emergency Management
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • General Administration
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Greene County Airport
  • Greene County Fire Rescue
  • Public Buildings
  • Recreation Department
  • Road Department
  • Senior Center

Records Maintained by Other Agencies

We do not maintain records for the following offices.  You will need to contact those agencies individually to obtain records in those offices’ possession.
  • Any Court Related Offices
  • Coroner
  • Sheriff's Department
  • Tax Assessor
  • Tax Commissioner

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  1. In order to reduce administrative and copying charges, please provide as detailed a description as possible of the records that you are requesting.
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    Pursuant to Georgia law, you may be charged administrative and copying fees for the cost to search, retrieve, copy and supervise access to the requested documents. This fee represents the hourly rate of the lowest paid full-time employee with the necessary skill and training to respond to your request, with no charge for the first fifteen minutes that it takes to respond to the request. The charge for copies is generally $0.10 per page unless otherwise provided by law. By checking the box below, you agree to pay all copying and/or administrative cost incurred with fulfilling your open records request.
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