Curbside Trash Service

Curbside Services Request Form

Trash Collection

Form for Curbside Services

Complete the Curbside Services Request Form to request the following services:

  • Establish New Service,
  • Report a Missed Pick-up,
  • Request a Replacement Cart,
  • and Request an Extra Cart be Removed. 

Residential Trash Pick-Up

Trash service works a little different in Greene County. The Board of Commissioners contracts the county’s waste services to a private vendor and bills residential properties in Greene County a flat fee for curbside waste collection. You will not receive a bill for curbside waste collection. Rather, it is part of your annual property tax bill.

Commercial Trash Pick-Up

Greene County does not offer a commercial trash collection service.  Businesses and construction sites must contact their vendor of choice.

Important Guidelines for Curbside Service

Carts must be placed curbside the night before your scheduled pick-up day. 

All trash must be placed in tied bags before placing in the cart. 

Carts must face the road with the lid opening on the road side.