Curbside Trash Service

Residential Trash Pick-Up

Trash service works a little different in Greene County. The Board of Commissioners contracts the county’s waste services to a private vendor and bills residential properties in Greene County a flat fee for curbside waste collection. You will not receive a bill for curbside waste collection. Rather, it is part of your annual property tax bill.

Commercial Trash Pick-Up

Greene County does not offer a commercial trash collection service.  Businesses and construction sites must contact their vendor of choice.

Forms for Curbside Trash Service

To establish new curbside service, report a missed pick-up or request a replacement cart for a missing or broken cart, complete the appropriate online form. 

  1. Curbside Service

    Physical Address
    1034 Silver Dr
    Ste 201
    Greensboro, GA 30642

    Phone: (706) 453-7716

    Monday - Friday
    8 am - 5 pm

  1. Establish New Service
  2. Missed Pick-Up
  3. Replacement Cart Needed

Establish New Service

To establish new service on a new or existing residence complete the Establish New Service Form.  If the new service is for a new construction, allow approximately 10 business days for a cart to be delivered.  If the new service is for an existing residence, the container should already be on site.  Once you complete the request, have your cart at the curb the night before your scheduled pick-up.

Establish New Service Form

Establish New Service

Important Guidelines for Curbside Service

Carts must be placed curbside the night before your scheduled pick-up day. 

All trash must be placed in tied bags before placing in the cart. 

Carts must face the road with the lid opening on the road side.