Short-Term Rentals

In order to operate as a Short-Term Rental (any rental less than 31 days) in Greene County, the residence must be in a Short-Term Rental Overlay District, unless qualified under Section of the Greene County Ordinances, and have a current Greene County Short-Term Rental Business License.

Application for Short Term Rental Property

To apply for a Short Term Rental License, complete the Short Term Rental License Application.  A checklist is included in the packet with everything that is required.  All licenses expire every year on December 31 and must be renewed annually.

Avoid the most common application mistakes.

  • If using a Local Contact Person, the Local Contact Person must sign the application where requested. 
  • Forms requiring a notary must be notarized. 
  • A diagram and/or photograph indicating parking must be included.  (See the checklist for details.)
  • Include a copy of a secure and verifiable document such as driver's license or passport. For a full list of acceptable documents see Secure and Verifiable Documents Under O.C.G.A. § 50-36-2  
  • Evidence of a valid sales tax certification number issued by the Georgia Department of Revenue.  

Hotel/Motel Taxes

Short-Term Rental businesses are required to remit hotel/motel taxes. Hotel/motel taxes are due to Greene County by the 20th of the month following the rental.

Personal Property Taxes

All short term rentals are required to file a personal property tax return with the Greene County Board of Assessors.  Everything that is moveable, inside or outside, of the Short-Term Rental Property is considered personal property 

Read here for more information on  Short-Term Rental Tangible Personal Property Tax information.

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