Emergency Management


The mission of Greene County Emergency Management is to provide a comprehensive and aggressive all-hazards approach to homeland security and disaster initiatives, mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery and special events. The purpose of our mission is to protect life and property and to prevent and/or reduce the negative impact of natural and man-made events in Greene County.

  1. Joe Bashore

    Emergency Management Agency Director

Preparedness & Mitigation

Even before the unthinkable happens, emergency management works to reduce the impact of a disaster and plan the response in order to save lives and make Greene County a safer place to live. Emergency Management helps the community analyze the hazards that may affect them and develop mitigation strategies and emergency operations plans.


When disaster strikes, sometimes the destruction is so severe that the County’s responders are overwhelmed. That is when Emergency Management Agency steps in to help and may ask the Governor to declare a State of Emergency in order to make state resources available to the affected area.


It can take years for a community to recover from a disaster, and Emergency Management Agency is there every step of the way. Whether coordinating clean-up efforts, educating victims about available relief programs, distributing disaster relief funds, or providing communities with the tools to identify public structures in areas that are at risk of damage, Emergency Management Agency is ready to address the consequences of disaster and reduce future risk.