Erosion Control

Greene County’s Building and Zoning Department has an Erosion Control Division whose purpose is to improve and protect Greene County’s urban soil and water resources by reducing the amount of erosion from urban development sites and to protect our buffers along state waters. These buffers are a vital part of conserving our land and water resources.

The Erosion Control Division oversees plan reviews and permitting. An important part of this office’s responsibility is the enforcement of County development codes, ordinances, and other applicable regulations governing land disturbance and land use in order to preserve Greene County’s natural resources.

When Are Erosion Control Permits & Plans Required?

Is Erosion Control Plan Needed - Flow Chart (PDF)

Construction: Compliance with Codes

All construction must comply with current codes, including the:

Any land-disturbing activity in violation of the aforementioned ordinances will result in an immediate Stop Work Order being issued. No exceptions! Grading work such as cutting basements, cutting for footings, and/or hauling dirt between lots that do not have a land-disturbance permit, will not be allowed. You may email the Permit Clerk with questions.

Apply for a Permit

Apply for an Erosion Control Permit.


In addition to Erosion Control Permitting and Inspections along with the enforcement of state and federal laws regulating state waters, the Code Enforcement Division also handles a multitude of other complaints by the public such as:

  • Best Management Practices (BMPs) Required: Reference to Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Field Manual. Vegetative and Structural BMPs.
  • Building Lot Eroding: When sediment or silted water is leaving a site with no preventive measures installed.
  • Erosion Complaint (no drainage): If soil is leaving a residential or commercial building lot.
  • Mud in Streets: If sediment is building-up on a public road or right-of-way.
  • Silt Fence Down: Silt fence is down allowing sediment to leave the site.

File a Complaint

Septic Permits