Inspections Process

Calling for Inspections

We require a 24 -hour notice. The Greene County Building and Zoning Department performs next day inspections as long as your request is received by four o’clock on the previous day. All inspection request received after four o’clock are scheduled for the second business day. Due to the size of Greene County and the volume of inspection requests received, we are unable to honor a request for AM or PM inspections.

Inspection Request Timeline Chart

Day Inspection RequestedTime of CallDay Inspection Will Be Scheduled
MondayBefore 4 pmTuesday
Monday4:01 pm or laterWednesday
TuesdayBefore 4 pmWednesday
Tuesday4:01 pm or laterThursday
WednesdayBefore 4 pmThursday
Wednesday4:01 pm or laterFriday
ThursdayBefore 4 pmFriday
Thursday4:01 pm or laterMonday
FridayBefore 4 pmMonday
Friday4:01 pm or laterTuesday

It is the permit holder or their agent’s responsibility to schedule required inspections. The address of the property must be visible and all permit placards posted and protected from the weather with all stamped approved plans kept inside permit box during the entire course of the project. If either is not there, an inspection will not be performed and a $50 fee will be assessed. Below is a list of the required scheduled inspections more may be required under certain circumstances.

Re-Inspection Process & Fees

A re-inspection fee of $50 will be assessed if your property is not ready for an inspection or if your property fails its inspection. Same day inspections are not feasible due to the number of inspections required.

Inspections Required for New Construction

Erosion Control

Erosion control items, per the ESPC plan, must be in place and pass inspection before any grading can begin (if applicable).

Driveway Permit

Permits require a plat showing driveway placement. Once issued, we will forward your permit over to the Public Works department where they will handle the inspection and approval of installation to ensure proper culvert size. The permit must be where the driveway is to be constructed. If the property is on the state highway, then you must contact the Georgia State D.O T. office for a permit. There must be a complete street address before any permits can be issued. Driveway location dictates addresses and GIS mapped by E911 to assist their services in locating the property during an emergency.

Temporary Power 

There is a temporary power approval form incorporated with the building package that will need to be emailed (information on form) over to the appropriate power company for temp power to be scheduled. This form is for new, single-family residential construction only.


Constructed per plans or minimum building code and requires inspection.

Foundation Walls

Constructed per plans or minimum building code and requires inspection.

Plumbing under Slab

Must be inspected with test on the system (on PVC only water approved per the IPC and manufacturers’ requirements).


All structural slabs Constructed per plans or minimum building code and requires inspections.

Rough Inspection

The structure should be "dried-in", with the framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and low voltage roughed-in, and any pressure tests required by code. If the structure is on a crawlspace, then the vapor barrier must be installed.

House Wrap

To ensure the house wrap is installed correctly - (all joints taped). Window tape used on doors, windows requiring it, and penetrations.

Insulation Inspection

All walls, floors and ceilings where insulation is required before covered up. No inspections will be performed if the sheetrock is stacked and covering insulation.

Permanent Power

Permanent power obtained after installing a dedicated circuit on each floor and the dryer circuit and the sheetrock, wall cover and exterior doors installed.

Certificate of Occupancy (CO)/Completion (CC)

A CO or CC is issued when all required Electrical, Gas, HVAC, Plumbing, Septic, Erosion, and Life Safety Systems (to include any swimming pool code requirements) have been inspected for code compliance and all inspections meet ICC requirements. If applicable, a final inspection letter from the Health Department for the septic system and/or your Notice of Termination (NOT) from the EPD must be on file and sent to our office before requesting a CO.