Tax Assessor's Office

Duties and Responsibilities

Mission Statement 

The Mission of the Greene County Board of Assessors and Appraisal Staff is to appraise all taxable property 100% Fair Market Value in a fair and impartial manner and to administer the property tax laws of the State of Georgia fairly and efficiently in order to promote public confidence and compliance, while providing excellent customer service to the citizens of Greene County.

Appraisal for Tax Purposes

The county Tax Assessor’s Office, as required by law, is responsible for the appraisal for tax purposes of all taxable property, real and personal, that the county Board of Assessors is required to assess. These appraisals shall be made in the manner and at the times required by law.

Maintenance of Tax Records & Maps

The county Tax Assessor’s Office shall be responsible for the proper maintenance of all tax records and maps for the county in a proper and current condition, and the staff shall have custody of such records.

Property Assessments

The county Tax Assessor’s Office shall be responsible for preparing annual assessments on all property required to be assessed by the Board of Assessors. Such assessments shall conform to the requirements of law and shall be turned over to the Board of Assessors for approval on the date requested by the Board of Assessors.

Appraisals on All Tax-Exempt Property

The county Tax Assessor’s Office shall prepare annual appraisals on all tax-exempt property in the county and shall submit such appraisals to the Board of Assessors.

Staff Member Training

Each county Tax Assessor’s Office staff member shall successfully complete at least 40 hours of training courses prepared and offered by the State Revenue Commissioner during each 2 years of tenure as a staff appraiser. 

  1. Tax Assessor

    Physical Address
    1034 Silver Drive
    Suite 102
    Greensboro, GA 30642


    Fax: 706-453-7971

  2. Debbie Moreno

    Chief Appraiser