Zoning Administration Division

Zoning, Ordinances, Permitted Uses & Overlay Districts


Zoning refers to regulations which primarily pertain to permitted uses of land, as well as the size, height and placement of structures. They are set in place to promote public health, safety, and general welfare, and to protect and preserve areas of historical, cultural, or architectural significance. Additionally, the Zoning Ordinance contains requirements for off-street parking, signage, and visual compatibility within districts.

Zoning Districts

Zoning districts are established to promote compatible patterns of land use within the county. Each district also has site development standards to maintain a consistent and compatible development pattern specific to each area of the county.

An ordinance is a law or regulation adopted by Greene County. The authority of Greene County to enact ordinances is derived from the Official Code of Georgia. Ordinances are enacted by Greene County to protect and maintain the public health, safety, welfare, and morals of its citizenry. The Greene County Code of Ordinances can be viewed online.

Permitted Uses

Permitted Uses is any use by right that is specifically authorized in a particular zoning district. To find out what uses are permitted within a given zoning district, consult the Greene County Code of Ordinances Appendix B - Zoning.

Overlay Districts

In unincorporated Greene County there are also unique communities that have established a character all of their own. To protect and direct the future growth in these areas, the Board of Commissioners has adopted special Overlay Districts.