How to Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) and Notice of Termination (NOT)

Georgia EPD online system information: (GEOS)

How to Submit a Notice of Intent using GEOS

Read the step-by-step guide to submitting and/or editing a Notice of Intent on the GEOS website portal. 

How to Submit a Notice a Notice of Termination using GEOS

Once final stabilization of 100% of coverage and 70% density has been achieved the property is eligible for a Notice of Termination.  Proof of a Notice of Termination is required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.  Read here for a step-by-step guide on requesting Notice of Termination on the GEOS portal.  Note: As long as the Notice of Intent remains open, the Responsible Official that filed the Notice of Intent is fully responsible for any problems/failures on the site until a Notice of Termination is filed. 

Stormwater NOI Permit issuance, sampling report correspondence or online submittal questions: 

Marla Whittington
Licensing Technician II