2020 Georgia General Election on November 3

Secure the Vote LogoThe information and resources provided on this page should answer any questions you have regarding the upcoming 2020 Georgia General Election.  

Processing of Application Requests for Absentee Ballots by Mail has Begun for the 2020 Georgia General Election this Fall

The Greene County Board of Education & Registration would like to share the following information with the Voters of Greene County as we now begin Voting for the Georgia General Election in Georgia. As of the middle of September, we began to process application requests for Absentee Ballots by Mail as the first phase of voting in Georgia. 

  1. Elections & Registration

    Physical Address
    1180 C Weldon Smith Drive
    Suite 120
    Greensboro, GA 30642


    Phone: 706-453-1108
    Fax: 706-453-9438

Sample Ballots

Mailed Ballots Need to be Returned by Election Day November 3rd. 

How to Return Mailed Absentee Ballots

Your voted ballot may be returned in one of two ways to the Elections Office.  

  1. Come to the office and place it in our Absentee Ballot drop box located INSIDE the office.  Do NOT use the box outside it is for postmarked US mail only.  
  2. Mail:  Greene County BOER, 1180 C. Weldon Smith Dr, Ste 120, Greensboro, GA 30642

Mailed ballots are not counted/tabulated until Election Night. 

Deadline for Receiving Mailed Absentee Ballots

Effective Oct 7, 2020: An appellate panel has restored Georgia’s Election Day deadline for returning absentee ballots.

ALL Absentee by Mail ballots MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE ELECTIONS OFFICE by the close of the polls on November 3, 2020. Polls will close at 7:00 pm.  A ballot dropped off AFTER November 3 will NOT be COUNTED. 

ALL voted ballots by mail MUST be returned to the Elections Office. Voted ballots CANNOT be dropped off at the polling locations, unless you are turning it in to be canceled and then vote on the election equipment.

  1. Final Day to Register to Vote
  2. Absentee Ballots By Mail
  3. Drop Box for Absentee Ballots
  5. Early Voting In Person
  6. Election Day
  7. Run-off Elections

The final day to register to vote in the November 3, 2020 election is October 5, 2020.  You may register online on the Georgia My Voter Page  or you may come to the office.  If you will be at Ga Department of Driver's Services to get your Georgia license, you may register there as well.   If you are a first-time voter, make sure you are familiar with what is considered acceptable forms of identification.  A list of those items can be found on our First Time Voters page. 

With COVID-19 and the Upcoming Flu What Precautions are in Place?

Due to the upcoming Flu season, as well as the ongoing COVID-19 situation, our poll workers (who are primarily seniors) will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment for your protection as well as theirs. It would be most appreciated if our voters would also wear a mask when coming in to vote in person or coming in our office. 

Voters will be provided a glove, or a stylus, with which to touch the voting equipment.