About Us

Mission Statement

The Greene County Recreation Department is committed to provide quality recreational programs and facilities to the residents of Greene County.  By providing consistency, dependability and an obligation to our residents and the programs they partake, we strive to elevate the quality of life for our community.

Vision Statement

The Greene County Recreation Department strives to develop, provide, and maintain quality facilities and events that meet the growing needs of our community.

Greene County Recreation Department Board Members

  • Ronald McWhorter, Chairman
  • Ashley Funderburke
  • Morris Miller

Parks Rules & Guidelines

  1. No alcoholic beverages allowed.
  2. No glass containers allowed.
  3. No smoking or tobacco use allowed on the playing fields, in dugouts or spectator area.
  4. Please do not climb trees, shrubs or fences.
  5. Please help keep your parks clean; discard trash in trash receptacles provided.
  6. No soft toss games on fences.
  7. Please restrict playground play to ages 12 and under.
  8. No pets allowed inside sports complex/spectators area.
  9. No swimming or boats allowed inside any sports complex/spectator area.
  10. Please enjoy and respect your park.