Daily Voter Activity Report

Greene County Daily Voter Activity Report for May 20, 2022.

Daily Activity Report

Values are updated daily during the voting cycle of an election.
Type of Voting Activity Daily Cumulative to Date
Regular Ballots    
Number of Ballots by Mail Issued 0 264
Number of Ballots by Mail Accepted 22 190
Number of Ballots by Mail Rejected 1 5
(Military and Overseas Civilians)
Number of UOCAVA ballots Issued 0 4
Number of UOCAVA ballots Accepted 1 1
Number of UOCAVA ballots Rejected 0 0
Provisional Ballots Mailed    
Number of Provisional Ballots Issued 0 15

Number of Provisional Ballots Cured and Accepted 0 11
Number of Provisional Ballots Rejected 0 0
Early Voting in Person (Advance In Person)    
Number of Ballots Cast 402 2812

UN-OFFICIAL Election Night Reporting 

Type of Ballot Total
Ballots Scanned into Scanner  
Provisional Ballots Issued at Precinct  
Un-scanned Emergency Ballots