Vote on Election Day

Where to Vote

Voters are to report to their ASSIGNED POLL on Election Day.    

Where is My Assigned Poll?

  • Visit the My Voter Page to locate your assigned poll.  
  • Your assigned poll is also printed on your precinct card. 

What Happens if I Go To the Wrong Polling Location?

If you go to a poll other than your assigned poll, state code prohibits us from allowing you to vote on the election equipment. Your choice will be to either take a Provisional Paper Ballot or go to your assigned poll. Provisional Ballots will be assessed after Election Day to determine if the ballot will be counted. For instance, if a voter is still registered in another county, their Provisional Ballot will NOT be counted for the election. All voters who vote Provisional, will be notified by mail as to whether or not their ballot was accepted and counted in the election. 

What Do I Need to Vote?

Can I Vote On Election Day If I Requested an Absentee Ballot?

Yes, if you have not cast your ballot. The poll worker will have you fill out a Cancellation Affidavit to remove your mailed ballot.  You will then be allowed vote on the election equipment. 

District Map

Greene County District Map