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Station 08 - Walker Church Fire Department


Walker Church ISO Rating Letter (PDF)

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The Department is equipped with three engines, two tankers, a squad truck, and a fire-rescue boat. The engines and tankers are capable of bringing over 9,000 gallons of water to a scene.

Fire-Rescue Boat

The fire-rescue boat operates on Lake Oconee to provide rescue services on the water for all types of emergencies. In addition, the fire-rescue boat is capable of providing in excess of 2400 gallons per minute of water from the lake for fire suppression activities. This effectively makes the boat a portable fire hydrant along the shores of Lake Oconee.


The Walker Church Volunteer Fire Department includes 24 dedicated members including two with an EMT-I certification and three paramedics.

In addition to fire suppression and rescue services, the Walker Church Fire Department is trained and equipped to provide assistance with medical emergencies. The Department membership includes 4 Emergency Medical Technicians Level I trained personnel and one Paramedic, along with several medical First Responders.

Insurance Rating

Public Protection Classification Survey

The Department’s last ISO Public Protection Classification Survey took place in 2019. The survey resulted in an improved rating for the department taking the classification to an ISO 3/3x. Properties in the Walker Church Fire District that should receive the ISO Class 3 rating include those within 1,000 feet of either:

  • A pressurized hydrant
  • A recognized dry hydrant/suction point
  • The shoreline of Lake Oconee

Significance of Rating

As compared across the Country, less than 5% of the fire departments rated by ISO have a better rating than ISO Class 3, received by the Walker Church Fire Department. This is out of the 41,177 fire departments nationwide that are rated by ISO, only 1,945 of these fire departments have a better ISO rating. Of the 750 fire departments in Georgia that are rated by ISO, only 74 fire departments have a better ISO rating.  

Water Sources

The Walker Church Fire District includes traditional pressurized fire hydrants recognized by ISO throughout many of the established neighborhoods.

ISO also recognizes alternate water supplies such as “dry hydrants” and suction points. The Walker Church Fire District has recognized dry hydrants and suction points located at the Granite Shoals Marina, the Granite Cove boat ramp, the Deerfield/Sandy Creek boat ramp, and the Beaverdam/West Place boat ramp.

In addition, ISO recognized the capabilities of the fire-rescue boat and provides credit for the Class 3/3x rating to all properties in the Walker Church Fire District within 1,000 feet of the shoreline of Lake Oconee.

Contact Us

The letter received from ISO is included as a link for the use of property owners in the Walker Church Fire District to confirm the ISO rating with their insurance providers.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting Fire Chief Byron Lombard at 706-347-0947.