Speaking on Agenda Items

  1. All citizens desiring to address the Board of Commissioners concerning a published agenda item must sign up with the County Clerk before the Session begins. Input will be received during the Work Session and Voting Session and must be regarding the agenda item under consideration at the time. Any individual speaking during the Voting Session that provided input during the preceding Work Session may only provide new input such that a repetition of their previous input is not made.
  2. All citizens addressing the Board shall come to the front and state his/her name when recognized by the Chairman.
  3. Statements and comments will be addressed to the Board. Questions from the Board members shall be directed to the Chair­man who shall recognize the person for a response.
  4. A statement shall be limited to five minutes. No portion of a person’s time may be given to another speaker.
  5. When a person finishes their statement, the person shall sit down.
  6. A person shall not speak more than once on the same matter unless that person is directly involved in the matter before the Board.
  7. A group or association shall designate a spokesman.
  8. The Board may fully address questions and/or comments received from citizens as they deem necessary and after being recognized by the Chairman.
  9. Any person addressing the Board shall not be engaged in a debate of any kind.
  10. When the Chairman has called for the vote, no further discussion from the audience will be permitted.
  11. The Chairman of the Board can terminate discussion of any item or statement at any time it is deemed irrelevant or repetitious.