Appeal Your Property Value

Annual Assessment Notices

Annual Assessment Notices are mailed out  in approximately May of each year.  Upon receipt of the Assessment Notice, the property owner has 45 days to appeal their assessment from the day the assessment was mailed.   The taxpayer’s appeal may be based on:

  • taxability, value, uniformity,
  • and/or the denial of an exemption.

The written appeal is filed with the County Board of Tax Assessors.

PT-311A Appeal of Assessment Form

The taxpayer must complete a PT-311A Appeal of Assessment Form and submit it to the Greene County Tax Assessors Office to be filed with the Greene County Board of Tax Assessors. 

PT-311A Appeal of Assessment Form (PDF Form)

PRINT AND SUBMIT in person at Greene County Board of Tax Assessors

PT-311A Appeal of Assessment FormAppeal Options

The taxpayer must select one of three options when filing the appeal.

  • Appeal to the County Board of Equalization
  • Appeal to a Hearing Officer
  • Appeal to an Arbitrator

Detailed information on each option can be found on the Department of Revenue’s website