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Alcoholic Beverage License Application


  1. 1. Checklist
  2. 2. License Requested
  3. 3. Business//Manager Information
  4. 4. Interested Parties
  5. 5. Building/Property Information
  6. 6. Verification for License Application
  7. 7. Alcoholic Beverage Personnel Statement
  8. 8. Personnel Statement - Financial Interests
  9. 9. Personnel Statement - Applicant Information
  10. 10. Personnel Statement Education / Employment
  11. 11. Personnel Statement - Residency / References
  12. 12. Personnel Statement - Military Service / Arrest Record
  13. 13. Personnel Statement - Investment
  14. 14. Verification of Personnel Statement
  • Checklist


      Applications must be returned COMPLETE with attachments and supporting documentation.  Please check your submission for the following:

    2. Initial each item acknowledging that the required item is included in your packet. 

    3. ________________Completed Application and Personnel Statement Signed and Sealed
      ________________All applicable license fees.
      Fingerprint Cards and Background Check for Registered Agent.
      If NEW Business, provide a Completed Occupational Tax Return.
      Completed Private Employer Affidavit
      Copy of Food Health Permit
      Detailed sketch of completed building and outside premises.*
      Proposed plans, specifications and copy of Building Permit.*
      Evidence of ownership of building or a copy of the Lease Agreement. 
      Copy of Note(s)/Evidence of Indebtedness.
      Passport-size photograph (front view) from within the last two years. 
      Other information:  ______________________________________________________________________ 
    4. *If requesting a "Package Sales" license, also provide a scale drawing showing distances to any nearby Churches, Schools or Rehab Center.  Or furnish certificate of Registered Surveyor that location complies with Ordinances. 


      Reviewed By:   ____________________________________________  Date:  _________________________________                                          Agent for Board of Commissioners