Requirements for Obtaining Building Permits

A Permit must be purchased before starting work.

Before a building permit can be issued, the following must be presented to the building, planning, and zoning office:

  1. If applicable, a copy of the on-site sewage treatment permit authorized by the county Health Department. A final inspection report from the Health Department will need to be on file before CO is issued. Call 706-453-7561 or 706-453-0965.
  2. A completed application with all pertinent information signed by the Licensed Contractor.
  3. One hard copy of the drawing and specifications, drawn to scale and one PDF emailed to Greene County Building and Zoning Department. The hard copy will be stamped and returned to the applicant and must remain on the job site at all times. The PDF copy will remain the property of Greene County.
    • One and Two Family Dwelling(s) Fees: Square footage multiplied by $0.29
    • Other Permit Fees….See Fee Schedule (PDF)
  4. A copy of the plat showing the location of any existing structures and the location of any proposed structure being permitted.
  5. Any proposed construction must furnish an erosion control plan

Is Erosion Control Plan Needed - Flow Chart (PDF)