Documents Needed for Conditional Use Application

Documents Needed for Conditional Use Application

Download a copy of the Documents Needed for a Conditional Use Application. 

  1. Completed Conditional Use Application.
  2. Filing fee of $550.00 payable to the Greene County Board of Commissioners
  3. Eight (8) copies of a written description of the proposal designed to inform the County, in detail, about all aspects of the proposed use and its anticipated impact on the community. The description should include, when pertinent, information on the hours of operation, number of employees, number of dwelling units, vehicle trip ends, noise, water usage, sanitary waste treatment and any other relevant concerns identified by the County or applicant.
  4. Eight (8) copies of preliminary building and site plans drawn to scale showing the following information:

a.    Eight (8) copies of surveyed plat signed by a registered surveyor
b.    Project name
c.    Project owner
d.    Date, scale, and north arrow
e.    Vicinity map
f.    Use of adjacent property
g.    Exterior dimensions of the site
h.    Total project acreage
i.    Location, name, and width of all existing or proposed streets
j.    Location of all proposed structures
k.    Location of all off-street parking and driveway serving the project
l.    Proposed buffers and/or screening
m.    Location, height, fixture type and wattage of site lighting
n.    Dumpster locations
o.    Rough floor plans, including gross floor area

Additional Documents

The documents described above are the bare minimum required by Greene County. You may submit any additional information that you wish to have included in your application. Application materials will be copied and distributed to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Commissioners members. Materials part of the application will also be open as public record at the Greene County Planning and Zoning Office. 


Submission of inaccurate or incomplete information may be cause for denial of the request, or if said discrepancies are realized after the approval for the petition or issuance of the relevant local permits, cause for the revocation of the approval and any related permits by the Board of Commissioners.