Alcohol License Application

Instructions for Completing the Alcohol License Application

NOTE: Once completed, this application must be printed and uploaded to the Georgia Department of Revenue Alcohol Licensing website. Applications cannot be submitted to the Board of Commissioner's Office.  The Georgia Department of Revenue is now requiring the application process to be completed from their site.  Do NOT bring any paperwork to the Board of Commissioner's Office.  They will not be able to take anything but a a payment.  

Payment Information

Once the completed application and all of the supporting documents have been uploaded to the Georgia Department of Revenue's website, a confirmation page will appear with a confirmation number and confirmation code for the registration request. Please print the confirmation page and take it with you to make payment at the Greene County Board of Commissioner's office located at 1034 Silver Drive, Suite 201, Greensboro, GA 30642. 

Alcoholic Beverage License Application


  1. 1. Checklist
  2. 2. License Requested
  3. 3. Business//Manager Information
  4. 4. Interested Parties
  5. 5. Building/Property Information
  6. 6. Verification for License Application
  7. 7. Alcoholic Beverage Personnel Statement
  8. 8. Personnel Statement - Financial Interests
  9. 9. Personnel Statement - Applicant Information
  10. 10. Personnel Statement Education / Employment
  11. 11. Personnel Statement - Residency / References
  12. 12. Personnel Statement - Military Service / Arrest Record
  13. 13. Personnel Statement - Investment
  14. 14. Verification of Personnel Statement
  • Checklist


      Applications must be returned COMPLETE with attachments and supporting documentation.  Please check your submission for the following:

    2. Initial each item acknowledging that the required item is included in your packet. 

    3. ________________Completed Application and Personnel Statement Signed and Sealed
      ________________All applicable license fees.
      Fingerprint Cards and Background Check for Registered Agent.
      If NEW Business, provide a Completed Occupational Tax Return.
      Completed Private Employer Affidavit
      Copy of Food Health Permit
      Detailed sketch of completed building and outside premises.*
      Proposed plans, specifications and copy of Building Permit.*
      Evidence of ownership of building or a copy of the Lease Agreement. 
      Copy of Note(s)/Evidence of Indebtedness.
      Passport-size photograph (front view) from within the last two years. 
      Other information:  ______________________________________________________________________ 
    4. *If requesting a "Package Sales" license, also provide a scale drawing showing distances to any nearby Churches, Schools or Rehab Center.  Or furnish certificate of Registered Surveyor that location complies with Ordinances. 


      Reviewed By:   ____________________________________________  Date:  _________________________________                                          Agent for Board of Commissioners