Checklist of Items for a Manufactured Home Permit

Materials to Be Provided

Download a list of items needed for a manufactured home permit.

The applicant must provide the following:

  1. If you are going to have a new septic system or have an existing system, you must first contact the Health Department. There is a fee for this service. This could take up to twenty working days to complete. You cannot get a permit from us until we have a copy of your permit from them or a copy of the approval for the existing system. Call 706-453-7561.  A final inspection of the septic system is required from the Health Department before electricity can be approved for the home.
  2. A copy of the plat of the property, indicating the setbacks and any existing structure(s). You may get this information at the Clerk of Superior Court Office. The fee is for the copy only. You will also need a Tax ID Number. This information is available at the Tax Assessor’s office.
  3. Tax ID number for the mobile/manufactured home.  This can be obtained from the Tax Assessor’s office. 
  4. PT-41 Form from mobile/manufactured home dealer. If you are buying a used home (other than a dealership) a bill of sale with the size, serial number, year, make, model along with the purchase price and a copy of the paid tax bill for the previous year. If this is not available, you must have the previous owner’s name and address and which county the home is being moved from.
  5. Decal - You must register the home with the Tax Commissioner’s Office. In order to register the home you will need...
    _____PT-41 or Bill of Sale
    _____the Mobile Homer Permit Application from the Building and Zoning Department.
    The Tax Commissioner’s Office will issue a decal. We must have a copy of the decal before we can issue a permit 
  6. A signed Mobile Home Permit Application with fee. The fee is $0.20/sf and can be calculated by multiplying the total square feet of the home by $0.20. For example a 1,400/sf home would have a fee of $280. (1,400 x .20 = $280) The application will be reviewed by the Building and Zoning Department for fee accuracy 
  7. Deck Permit - If building a landing larger than 3’x3’ from the two (2) exterior doors a Deck Permit is required. 
  8. Driveway Permit (if applicable) - A Driveway Permit is required for any new driveways intersecting with a public or state right-of -way before construction of the driveway.
    _____County Road - If the lot is located on a county road, contact the Building and Zoning Department and submit Greene County’s Driveway Permit Application.
    _____State Highway - If the property is located on a State Highway, you must contact the GA State DOT office for their required permit application.
  9. An electrical permit will also need to be purchased prior to an inspection for permanent power from the building department. Electrical permit application must be accompanied by a copy of the state license and county business license with a picture ID of the applicant. The permit must be purchased before starting work.
  10. Address - If you need an address assigned, please advise the Building and Zoning Department when applying for a mobile/manufactured home permit. 
  11. You will be given a Green Card with the mobile home permit number. This card must be posted at the driveway entrance so it can be seen from the road. The inspector will sign the card after each inspection. No inspections will be done without the card being posted.

Pre-Owned Manufactured Homes

The prospective owner must comply with standards for installation of pre-owned manufactured home ordinance.