Inspections Required for Manufactured Homes

1st Inspection - Footing

This inspection is performed after the lot has been cleared and graded and before the footings are ready to be poured. All vegetation must be removed from under where the home is to be placed. Before electricity will be connected, the lot must be graded so that no water will run under the house.

2nd Inspection - Set-up

This inspection is performed after the home has been tied down, bonding (if a double-wide), HVAC, electrical and plumbing must be completed, and the septic tank must be hooked up.  No underpinning may be installed at this inspection. Spacing and location of piers and pads shall be per manufacturer’s specifications. All other foundations and tie-down requirements shall meet the Georgia State specification for mobile/manufactured housing according to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

3rd Inspection - Certificate of Occupancy

This inspection is performed when the home is complete and ready for electrical service. Per Section of the Greene County Code of Ordinances, the following items must be completed.
●     Brick or masonry skirting must be installed.  Vinyl and/or lattice is not an approved material.
●     A minimum 3’ x 3’ pre-fabricated or permanent landing with steps constructed of pressure treated lumber,masonry or metal sufficient to provide safe ingress and egress from two (2) exterior doors of the unit. Individual landings shall meet Greene County building codes. Any landing larger than a 3’ x 3’ must have a Deck Permit on file.
●     If over 3 0” above ground grade , rails are also required.
●     Water must be connected to mobile/ manufactured home.
●     The final inspection from the Health Department for the on-site sewage system must be complete and on file in our office.  

Once all inspections are complete and approved, the Building and Zoning Department will send a notice of service to Rayle or GA Power.  A CO will be issued at this time.

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  2. Chuck Wooley

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