How to Obtain a Sign Permit

Step 1

Verify zoning of property, whether or not the property is located in an Overlay Zone, and any additional signage restrictions (above and beyond the sign ordinance) contained in conditions of zoning approval adopted by Resolution of the Board of Commissioners. Contact the Building and Zoning Department at (706) 453-3333 for this information. A street address or Map Reference Number (Tax Parcel Number) will be needed. Typical office hours for the Building and Zoning Department are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays.

Step 2

Complete a Sign Permit Application Form (PDF). The property owner or authorized agent must sign the application form or a letter must be provided from the property owner or agent authorizing the sign installation. Submit the application to the Building and Zoning Department.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted for processing.

Step 3 

A Site Location Plan must accompany the application. The plan must indicate information as follows:

  1. The site plan and property survey information may be combined into a single plan sheet drawn to scale. It may be hand-drawn as long as it is legible and at a common scale such as 1 inch = 10 feet, 1 inch = 20 feet, etc.
  2. The site plan must show the proposed sign location, limits of street right-of-way, driveway locations and parking spaces. The distance between right-of-way and the proposed sign must be shown on the plan.
  3. Indicate driveways and parking space locations on the plan. This ensures that the sign does not occupy or overhang required driveways and parking spaces.
  4. Indicate drainage or sewer easements near the sign base (if any).
  5. Provide two copies of the site plan.

Step 4

Sign details. A drawing of the sign must accompany the application and must indicate the following information:

  1. The dimensions of all signs and sign structures
  2. The total area of the sign in square feet
  3. Distance from the street right-of-way
  4. Total sign height above ground level. If the proposed sign location is below street level and additional sign height is desired, the following additional information must be submitted:
    1. Cross-sectional information that indicates the sign’s location, ground elevations, street location and street elevations
    2. Supporting information, as necessary, to verify topographic elevations. This may include plans certified by a registered surveyor or professional engineer. This information may be attached or indicated on the plans.
  5. Provide two copies of the sign detail plans