Sign Ordinance & Permitting

Greene County finds that signs provide an important medium through which individuals, businesses, and government may convey a variety of messages. Left unregulated, however, signs can become a threat to the public health and safety as a traffic hazard and become an aesthetic nuisance.

Signs in the Right-of-Way

It is illegal under State and local laws to place any signs in the right-of-way of roads. The signs will be removed and the offenders may be prosecuted. These signs pose a safety risk for drivers and pedestrians. Signs distract motorists, create blind spots, and present hazards for maintenance crews. The nails, screws and tacks used to place signs on utility poles are hazards for utility workers. In addition to the safety issue, the signs distract from the appearance of our roadways. Please report any violations to the Code Enforcement Division at 706-453-3333.

Signs Exempt from Permit Requirement

Article X - Signs, Section 10.5 Item B lists the types of signs exempt from permitting. A permit is not required for the following types of signs, after proper notification is made to the Administrator: See Section 10.7 - Special Sign Standards of Article X - Signs of the Greene County of Code of Ordinances for definitions and sign standards.

  1. An official sign or notice issued by any court, public agency or office.
  2. A traffic directional, warning or information sign authorized by any public agency.
  3. An ingress/egress sign that does not exceed four square feet per sign face.
  4. Any sign located within a private residential community, provided that the sign is not visible to the general public from areas outside the community.
  5. Expression signs
  6. Incidental signs
  7. Real Estate signs not exceeding five square feet per side with a maximum of two sides, and not exceeding three feet in height.

Signs Requiring a Permit

All other signs, including signs form the above list that do not meet the Standards in Section 10.7, require a permit. As a general rule of thumb, if you are considering any new or replacement signage visible from the exterior, the process of obtaining a Sign Permit will be part of your project. For a complete list of sign types and their requirements refer to Sections 10.6 and 10.7 of the Sign Ordinance.

Lake Corridor Sign Overlay (LCSO) District

The LCSO District shall include:

  • The rights-of-way and all parcels lying in whole or in part within 300 feet of each side of the rights-of-way of the following road sections:
  • Lake Oconee Parkway from Richland Connector south to the County line at Putnam County,
  • Carey Station Road from Askew Road south to the intersection with Lake Oconee Parkway; and
  • All parcels lying in whole or in part within 200 feet landward of the Lake Oconee shoreline.

The Lake Corridor Sign Overlay District located within Greene County has additional standards. Consult Section 10.8 of the Zoning Ordinance for additional information.

Apply for a Sign Permit

See our page dedicated to Sign Permit Applications.

Contact Us

The Code Enforcement Division Staff is available to assist you with additional information regarding:

  • Temporary Sign Requirements - signs requiring permits and those that do not require permits
  • Restricted Signs - Types of Signs that are Prohibited
  • Sign Standards Calculator - Allowable sign heights, area, and required setbacks

You may email Sign Permitting or call 706-453-3333.