Structural & Electrical Plan Review Requirements

Electrical Drawing (s) Plan Review Requirements

  1. Drawings for each illuminated ground sign shall clearly indicate the electrical requirements including the size and location of the electrical disconnect, the type and size of wire, the conduit size and estimated load. Drawings shall also specify the name of a nationally recognized organization (i.e. UL, CSA, etc.) as applicable to the illuminated sign to be installed.
  2. Electrical installations shall meet the requirements of the NFPA National Electrical Code and must be performed by a Georgia licensed electrician.

Structural Drawing(s) Plan Review Requirements

  1. Drawings for each ground sign structure shall clearly specify the required materials, sizes, and locations for all structural components. Complete details shall be provided that clearly indicates the required connections between all structural components including anchorage to the foundation. Details shall also indicate required attachments of sign cabinets to the supporting structure.
  2. Ground sign foundation requirements shall be clearly indicated on the drawings including, but not limited to, footing size and reinforcement, 28-day compressive strength of concrete, anchor bolt size and embedment depth.
  3. Drawings for ground signs that require design by a Georgia registered professional engineer shall contain the following minimum design data in addition to the information required in sections 2.a. and 2b:
    1. State on drawings that design complies with the International Building Code
    2. State on drawings that the wind load design complies with ASCE 7 (Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures)
    3. Basic Wind Speed (miles per hour (MPH)), Design Wind Pressure (PSF), Exposure Category
    4. Minimum required soil bearing capacity (PSF)
    5. Structural material specifications (including but not limited to, ASTM designation, yield strength (KSI), and material grade, if applicable)

Inspection Requirements

  1. Drawings for ground sign structures that have been approved shall be kept readily accessible at the job site at all times during construction. The sign permit shall be posted in the immediate vicinity of the proposed sign location.
  2. The electrical subcontractor must receive an electrical permit before any work is performed.
  3. Each ground sign, for which a building permit has been issued, requires inspection by a county inspector during the following stage of construction:
    1. A foundation inspection is performed after excavation and prior to concrete placement with steel reinforcement, anchor bolts, and structural posts in place.
    2. An electrical is performed only after the foundation has been inspected and approved by the county inspector.
    3. A final inspection is performed after completion of all construction and a certificate of completion will be issued.
    4. Erosion and sediment control measures shall be maintained throughout construction in accordance with county ordinances and procedures.

Building & Electrical Codes in Effect

Please see chapter 10 of the Greene County Code of Ordinances for a list of the applicable building and electrical codes.